Berber Movement Becomes More Assertive As Globalisation Hits

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Berber Movement Becomes More Assertive As Globalisation Hits

Messagede Invité » Mar Aoû 02, 2005 15:55

ALGIERS - APS sources say the ongoing Berber unrest in Algeria has sparked concern in Morocco and Tunisia about the possibility of an upsurge of Berber "nationalism". The sudden flare-up of violence among the Algerian Berbers, with clashes continuing virtually non-stop since April, came as a shock to leaderships across the region. All the North African countries have Berber minorities, from the Atlantic coast to the borders of Sudan, but their main presence is in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. The sources point out that there are fears that the situation in Algeria might have a spillover effect, first on Morocco and then on Libya and Tunisia, with the last seen as much less vulnerable due to its fairly robust socio-economic... ... s&n=507846

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