en arabe, latin ou tifinagh?

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Tifinagh abjad


The Tifinagh or Tifinigh abjad is thought to have derived from the ancient Berber script. The name Tifinagh means 'the Phoenician letters', or possibly comes from the Greek word for writing tablet, 'pínaks'.

Since September 2003, the Tifinagh abjad has been taught in primary schools in Morocco. It is also used by the Tuareg, particularly the women, for private notes, love letters and in decoration. For public purposes, the Arabic alphabet is normally used.
Notable features

* The Tifinagh abjad includes consonants only.
* Some letters have more than one form.
* Tifinagh is written without spaces between words.

Used to write

Berber languages such as Tamasheq and Amazigh, which are spoken by about the one million or so people in Morocco, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Algeria and Libya.

Tamajaq or Tamasheq is a Berber language spoken by about 640,000 people in Niger, Mali and Nigeria. The speakers of this language are called 'Tuareg' in Arabic.

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